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Afraid to Love?

I sang that song to God several times before it happened: I Want to Know What Love Is. And it happened. Yes it was ended. And I focused on the ending for a long while. I think this is where we get stuck. We need time to heal. Absolutely. And then...after the tears, the grief, more tears, the disbelief and finally acceptance…its time to love again. But… if we cannot let go of what was or if we are afraid to start again, it is a kind of purgatory, our own prison, a living hell.

Finally, that sweet release of honoring what was, gratitude to have loved so deeply and the peace to know it will happen again (if it be His will) allows for creativity and inspiration to swirl and take the lead. Today, my heart feels overwhelmed feeling blessed to know that love. To know that awakening, that surge through every organ, muscle, cell... feeling a golden shimmering that washes the soul. It is so worth whatever is to come. Be willing to do ALL of it! It is Sacred and it must be expressed. In the meantime, we can shine that same Light so that others can see the best in someone so eloquently shared with me. He said, “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” I love that. My eyes fill with water, as my heart fills with Love, asking Him where I can serve, with One Special Love or with anyone who comes into my path. It is All Sacred Love.

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