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Kaleidoscope of Us

Do we have one person in this world who knows everything about us? Have we ever allowed ourselves to be that vulnerable? Most likely, our life is told like a kaleidoscope - across a few people maybe - each having a piece of the story. Oh to trust one other to be the container of all of it, how incredibly scary. How incredibly freeing. It is why I do this help free the Spirit. To be that ONE. What kids endure is often horrid. To hold secrets for decades is excruciating until the pressure is trusting one other. My honor and privilege is to help these adults walk into that trauma bravely and walk out proud. We never "get over it" really. We learn to champion ourselves and make lemonade out of lemons. And I? I am honored to show them how, beginning with how they became so independent way too young. But you know? These kids... now adults, make the BEST confidantes. They definitely know how to keep secrets. They are empaths and intuitive. I so love to be a channel of Peace... to allow the kaleidoscope view become a clear film with a start, a middle and a glorious "to be continued"...

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