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Wild Stallions, Ego and Joining

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Our ego's job is to keep us protect us. When talking to someone who is quite wise, he says in any situation, ego is always trying to stay in the comfort zone to avoid any pitfalls that could occur as a result of a new experience. It whispers "watch out" which pulls up aggression, withdrawal, or anger. We build our ego over time. It is shaped by our lives through trauma, change, scary times. And then...we come to a place where we see "its" response is not working any more. We come to a place where it seems it is a wild stallion rearing itself inappropriately. Whoa Boy. And we seek change. Breathe.

Watching loving horse trainers is very much like managing our ego. When a stallion rears, it is in fear. So it is with ego. It is only trying to care for us. The trainer contains the wild one in a pen and gently chases it round and round, nearly tiring it out...until the stallion learns the trainer is taking care of it, is not hurting it. Time. And the stallion comes to trust the trainer. The trainer can sense a shift...and will stop chasing...and will turn and walk away...and the stallion stops...and follows the trainer...and even nuzzles the trainer's arm affectionately. This is called joining. Such will the ego do when gentle meditation is repeated. Gentle meditation is repeated and breath is gentle...relaxation is gentle...and ego can see you are wise now. My wise friend describes this: You sit calmly in the corner of within, enjoying life and able to manage all that arises. You are connected to Presence, Soul, Intuition... Those words describe the same thing. Your Inner Self sits quietly in the background, it's the observer of the thoughts and experiences around you and it communicates to you as intuitive guidance...choices, not fear. In meditative imagery, imagine ego as the wondrous strong wild stallion wanting only to trust you...Breathe...and let it... You can handle anything that comes your way. I promise. You have intuitive guidance...choices now, not fear. Let your stallion rest. Let it join. Let it join as the strong part of your harmonious loving Self. There is much love here for you.

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